Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cozy Belly Maternity Tank Giveaway

If you're a soon to be mom and don't want to pay for a maternity shirt then enter this giveaway
Go here to enter: http://twoclassychics.com/2012/05/cozy-belly-maternity-tank-shirt-shape-wear-review-and-giveaway/

Go here to go to the sponsors website: http://www.cozybelly.com/

Giveaway Diva: Billion Dollar Brows Giveaway

Check out this great makeup giveaway. Its worth more then the actual retail cost!!
Go here for the giveaway: http://thegiveawaydiva.blogspot.ca/2012/05/billion-dollar-brows-giveaway.html
Go here to purchase their stuff:  www.shabbyapple.com